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Rebecca - Part 3/????

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier, Sally Beauman

So, fair warning. There will be some swearing in this edition. 


I only read about two, maybe three chapters today and normally I wouldn't make a post over that little being read, but those couple of chapters made me almost loose my shit in the laundromat. The woman who looked old enough to be my grandma is the only reason I didn't start swearing sailor style. Such intensity deserves a blog post of it's own, don't you think?


For starters, Ms. Danvers has seriously escalated in this small section. I thought she'd stay at Frau Blucher levels for the rest of the book but now she's Frau Blucher mixed with Lady Tremaine. She's creepily obsessive but now she has this horrible cruelty towards her. The way she treats our narrator had me absolutely shocked. Up until this point she's been simply passive aggressive: a side comment here, a scathing look there. You get the picture. But she's escalated into a character that truly sends a chill down my spine. Case and point:


"Don't be afraid," said Mrs. Danvers. "I won't push you. I won't stand by you. You can jump of your own accord. What's the use of your staying here at Manderley? You're not happy. Mr. de Winter doesn't love you. There's not much for you to live for, is there? Why don't you jump now and have done with it? Then you won't be unhappy any more."[


Seriously. Chills down my spine. I was not prepared for that level of expression from Danvers. To read it really unsettled me. Now I feel uneasy heading forward into the book but I also have to know what happens. 


On the note of Danvers being ridiculously cruel, the costume ball was amazing from start to finish. The imagery of it all was amazing, especially the descriptions of all the decorations and the guests' costumes. The salmon lady was probably my favorite description. Just absolutely gorgeous. The emotionality of those scenes were amazing as well. When our host realized she had been tricked into wearing an offensive costume, I almost burst into tears. I felt terrible for her and, interestingly enough, that's the first time I felt real sympathy for her in the entire book. I found her interesting before but this was the first time I really cared about what happened to her. Maybe it's because that whole scene reminded me of the scene in Cinderella, a childhood favorite, where the stepsisters rip up her dress but either way, I'm now emotionally invested in her. I want her to slap Danvers in the face. That'll be satisfying.


Still not sure where I stand on Maxim's role in the conspiracy. He really seems too sad for him to know Rebecca's (maybe) still alive. Or maybe, after Danver's spectacular rant, Rebecca faked her death because she wanted to be with someone else and Maxim helped to prevent a scandal 'cause divorces are messy things and all that jazz. There's a late night conspiracy theory for ya. 


Final thought: I think our mysterious narrator is going to ultimately end up with Frank. They seem to have such a sweet relationship going and she's definitely with someone by the end of her stay at Manderley. Frank definitely seems to care for her, there's just the question of if/how she will return the affection. That or Frank will die in some terrible way and I'll cry for twenty minutes at the laundromat.