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Egg & Spoon: The Book that will Have to Wait

So, I don't know if anyone noticed, but recently I put Egg & Spoon by Gregory Maguire on my "Currently Reading" list. I love the stories of Baba Yaga and actually have a picture book at my mom's house of the story of Vasilisa the Brave that I've read over and over and over. So when I saw that Gregory Maguire had written a book about her and other Russian folklore stories, I knew I wanted to read it. 


Unfortunately, I'm running into the same problem I had with his writing back when I read Wicked: I can't get myself to pick up the book once I set it down for the night. I couldn't finish Wicked because after a point I became just bored with it. At the time I blamed it on me being in high school at the time and thought it was a problem I could conquer now that I'm sort of an adult and Egg & Spoon is YA. Nope. Still just as unable to get sucked in as I was in high school. 


I think the issue is his writing style. Reading what I have, he puts in WAY more details than what's necessary, at least in my less than humble opinion. There was so much that could have been cut out to make the story more streamlined and give it more momentum. 


It's a shame because I did like the story. His imagery can be beautiful at times and Baba Yaga's character was absolutely fabulous. Not how I would have pictured her and maybe a little too over the top, but fabulous none the less. For these reasons, I'll definitely try again with this book. Just when there aren't books sitting on my shelves that I'd like to read more. So, so long, Egg & Spoon. Until we meet again.