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Ten - Gretchen McNeil

So, first off, fun fact: I actually learned how to sing the song "Sure on This Shining Night" in high school. Completely forgot about it until now. My voice coach told me I sounded like a Lord of the Rings choir boy when I sang it. Weirdest compliment I've ever gotten. Anyway, back to the book. 


We have our first death and I am still feeling bored. To the writer's credit, she tried to build up the suspense to the discover of the body. But the moment that particular character took off I thought, "Welp, she's gonna be the first to go." Surprise, surprise, I was right. It was a noble attempt, mistakes were just made in the build up. 


My initial issue with the book are still unresolved. The characters are still boring stereotypes, I don't like any of them. Plot still isn't sucking me in, which is a real drag because how can a murder mystery plot NOT drag someone in? Here's a new complaint: can we go a chapter without Meg's angst over her "unrequited" love for TJ being shoved into our faces? I suspect not, though I'm always hoping to be surprised. I also hated the video. That was just SO dramatic that it came off as cheesy rather than suspicious. I wish it had just been more simple. Then again, the killer is a high schooler so I suppose the drama makes sense. 


One thing I DID like was the scene where Ben has an allergy attack at dinner. To me that was such a fun little parallel to what happened to Marston in And Then There Were None, even though he didn't die. It made me smile and go, "Oh shit, there's a reference". While I don't expect this book to be a perfect copy of And Then There Were None, I do hope for more throw backs to the original.  Hopefully what happened to Ben was just the first of many.


On that note, I am starting to wonder how similar the ending of this book will be to the one it is attempting to reference. For example, will the killer be the only person who didn't actually do anything wrong? Probably not. Considering how much time they spent talking about her, it's probably the girl Nathan used to get a good grade in his class. One of the people at the party must be her or something. Don't hint at whether I'm right or wrong, since that'll just drive me crazy. Just the theory for now. 


Either way, this book is disappointing. Fun to write about, but disappointing. But it's time for work, so I'll have to write more later.