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Met Dan Wells, Shook Like a Chihuahua

I got to meet Dan Wells tonight. And the authors of Illuminae, who are hilarious, for the record.  But I was mostly there for Wells. As I've said before, he's probably my favorite author.  It sounds like he has some really fun stuff planned for next year, including another John Cleaver book! I'm so excited. 


I was shaking like a chihuahua the whole time but he was super chill. He seems like such a nice guy. He signed my copy of I Am Not A Serial Killer, I awkwardly told him it helped with my thesis and then we talked about how excited we are for the movie that's coming out. Again, super awkward on my part, especially since I'm apparently easily starstruck, but he was super nice. 


I'm glad I went. This weeks been so rough I needed something fun. And I'm gonna have to check out Illuminae whether I planned on doing so or not. Seriously, those two are some of the funniest people I've met. I wish I could have bought a copy. Maybe next time.