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Illuminae - Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman

The fact that I've read 90 pages in less than an hour should indicated how good this book is. My gut feeling from listening to the author's talk was correct. It's entertaining, intense, and really funny. I wasn't sure how much I'd like it when I heard the premise of the book. Not the story premise but the way the story was told premise. Wasn't sure I'd like a story told in documents. Luckily I do. 


I don't now how much of a spoiler this is, but the tragedy of the Copernicus was amazing. And by that I mean gut wrenching and difficult to read through but absolutely amazing writing. I remember when I went to listen to them talk the writers said they hadn't originally planned on putting the casualty list in the book. But, if I remember correctly, it was their editor's idea because according to her, they needed a moment to slow the story down and let it really sink in what had just happened. That editor is absolutely correct and I'm glad they put those pages in, even if I only skimmed them. The whole section is absolutely heart wrenching.


Ezra's probably my favorite character so far. I love characters like him. He makes me laugh. Kady's pretty interesting too. I'm looking forward to when they're (hopefully) reunited. I'm pretty sure direct interaction between them will be highly entertaining, since the indirect interaction is pretty amusing as is. 


Final thought: I think I'm getting sick. I've been coughing all week and tonight my throat is sore and my body's all achey. I hope its nothing. I'm supposed to be going out with Laundromat Guy on Friday. Also, I've been binge watching House, and when you binge watch that show and then get sick, your brain tells you it's some obscure disease that's gonna make you bleed from places you shouldn't bleed from. Just saying.