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The Martian - Andy Weir

Went in to get an oil change, turned out my car had like four different problems. So I was at the dealership for about 2 hours. Lucky for me, I had The Martian in my purse from my last laundry day. 


Finally a section I didn't like. Not that I wanted to dislike a section. Just sort of like, hey look! Something I can complain about so I'm not constantly praising it. I dunno. Anyway, I didn't care for the section where we get the third person perspective of Watney's accident. It wasn't that it was poorly written. I always like the writing. It was just redundant. We already know what happened to trap Watney on Mars. We also can infer that the crew felt terrible and conflicted about it. I didn't need the recap. It felt unnecessary and I wish it had been left out. 


Everything else is going awesome. Maybe a little predictable in regards to Iris but the story is still amazing. The 2 hours at Toyota went by fast considering how bored I was overall. It's a good book. I'm glad I had it to read. 


I wonder if they put it in the comedy category of the Golden Globes just because it wouldn't have stood a chance against movies like The Revenant and Carol and they really wanted it to win something.