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Needful Things - Stephen King

A brief history about my relationship with Mr. King: The first book of of his I read was Christine. I read that one specifically because that is what my parents named our GPS system and I wanted to understand the joke. I then read a handful of his books over my freshman year of high school, though the only ones that really impressed me were Misery and The Mist. He's not a bad writer by any means, his stories just never really scared me. 


So I'm not expecting Needful Things to particularly scare me. I am still in a spooky mood, which is why I chose it, but my expectations aren't that high on the fear factor. I've seen part of the movie and I read a plot summary on Wikipedia and it has me curious enough to give it a try. 


Also, I think Leland Gaunt's character can help me develop a character in one of the screenplays I'm working on. If he's anything in the book like he is in the movie, he has the exact kind of spice my Nick needs. 


One day I'll finished The Martian. One day.