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Needful Things - Stephen King

Personal bit before the book bit. I don't really have a lot of places I can talk about this stuff so I'm glad you guys let me share it here. 


I haven't been doing too good. Work moved me to a different site which overall is MUCH better but it pays a little less. Found out my old manager is telling people that I was just this catty, awful employee. It hurts. It really does. 


I haven't hung out with Laundromat Guy in almost a month. At first he was sick, which that was understandable. Gotta love the inversion. Then he was busy and had some personal stuff come up, and as far as I know it stayed at that. He was still talking to me last week and he never talked like he was avoiding me but now he's not even returning my texts. I don't know what's going on. The last time we hung out he kissed me (nothing too steamy but still, a kiss) and I don't know how you can go from kisses and cuddles to wanting nothing to do with the person. But at the same time EVERYONE I know is saying he's avoiding me and it's getting harder and harder not to believe them. It hurts. It really does. 


Anyway, I haven't been doing good and it's definitely making it hard to read. It's not that I don't want to, it's just hard.


Okay, you guys have been patient. Book bit now. 


It's okay. I know it's gonna be hard to get through, especially considering my mood. It's well written and all, I just don't particularly care. That's a common problem I have with King. There is just something about his writing (with a few exceptions) that makes reading his books like dragging myself through quicksand. The scares, when I get to them, are usually really good ones. It's just hard to actually get to them. I never actually finished Cujo because how slow I found it and I have a feeling this one might end up with the same fate. 


That all said, Leland does seem fabulous. I quite like him. I'm a sucker for a dashing devil that's a proper gentleman. So I'll do my best to push through for him. We'll have to see.