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Invisible Monsters Remix - Chuck Palahniuk

Well, no one swooped down and was like, "DON'T READ THIS BOOK", so I'm assuming it's just as good, if not better than the original. Besides, I already started reading it and am sucked in so I can't stop now. 


I like that this is gonna be a nonlinear, chase the page number kind of read. It makes for a bit of a workout. It will make it hard to keep track of my progress though, since I'll have to do math to figure out how many pages I've actually read. 20 is just a placeholder guess. So I guess I'll just finish it when I finish it. 


So far I really like his style. There are a lot of witty one liners, the kind I'd make my Facebook status if I felt so inclined. I might share a few of my favorites on here too. Only concern I have so far about the style were there is something about it that creates a slight disconnect. Like, I can't completely get sucked in. I'm not sure what's causing it and it could disappear once I get further into the story. So we'll see. 


I'm excited for this one.