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My Sweet Angel

So, I'm having trouble finding it on here, but I've started reading My Sweet Angel by John Glatt. It's true crime and details the case of Lacey Spears, a young woman who ended up killing her son as a result of her Munchausen syndrome by proxy. The disorder is very controversial in the world of Psychology so I'm always fascinated by cases involving them, disturbing as they are. 


Honestly, I'm only 50 pages in and this book is more horrific than any of the horror novels I've read this year, The Troop included. Very excited to finish (In part 'cause it's due back on Monday, hooray procrastination!) but it's gonna hurt and I know it. 


Separate note: I've finally moved out of my mom's house! I found an awesome place really close to my work, affordable rent, and my new roommate has a dog! Daisy is a West Highland Terrier and I have not been able to assess her reading buddy compatibility yet. So we shall see. It's weird being independent again after almost a year of living at home but it'll be nice. I just wish I could have taken one of the kittens with me. Particularly He-Man, though he went back to the shelter on Friday with She-Ra. So if you're in Western Colorado and need a cat...