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The Chalk Man

The Chalk Man - C.J. Tudor

Funny story: My loan LITERALLY expired when I only had 13 minutes left. Luckily, I was able to recheck it out immediately and finish it. That's the only downside to Overdrive: Very strict loan periods. 


Overall, I liked this one quite a bit. Tudor is a good writer and the plot was engaging enough that I wanted to keep listening and finish the story. The crafting of the mystery was the strongest element. When everything wrapped together in the end, I was impressed. For the most part, no detail went unused but nothing felt like a copout either. The story built up well and for the most part, had a satisfying conclusion. 


Really there's nothing that makes me go "BAD WRITING, MINUS STAR"! I just found the story a little average. Enjoyable, well written, just not spectacular. The story also felt long at points, like I just wanted to get through the section so I could find out what was actually happening. I was also disappointed when I found out the secret of the Chalk Men. 


There is none. Everything has a rational explanation.

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I did like Chloe though. She was a fun character. I wish she had a bigger role. 


Final rating: 4 out of 5 Stars.