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The Battle Plan

Sad news: Been using Imgur since Photobucket's become a pain in the ass and Imgur doesn't have mustache stickers. Think it's gonna be aviators this year, but it won't be the same. 




1. A Grimm Tale: Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter. - I say I'll read this one every year and every year I don't. Will this be the year?! 


2. Genre: Horror: Over Your Dead Body by Dan Wells. - It's been on the list a while, now is the time. 


3: Darkest London


4: Classic Horror: Turn of the Screw by Henry James - It looks like a short read which lord knows I need. 


5: New Release: The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul G. Tremblay - I've been intrigued about this one since first hearing about it. 


6: 13


7: Supernatural: The Hunger by Alma Katsu - I haven't finished it yet so might get my ass into gear and get it done for this square. 


8: Terrifying Women: Something by Shirley Jackson. Haven't decided what yet, but I've been wanting to read her stuff for a while.


9: Romantic Suspense


10: Doomsday: Coldbrook by Tim Lebbon. - Another one I've started but need a push like bingo to actually finish. 


11: Ghost Stories: Something by Adam Nevill. He has quite a few books that appear to be ghost stories so he seems like a good pick. 


12: Diverse Voices


13: Free Space:


14: Country House Mystery: An Agatha Christie novel, most likely. 


15: Creepy Carnivals


16: Fear the Drowning Deep


17: Amateur Sleuth:


18: Terror in a Small Town: Little Heaven by Nick Cutter


19: Modern Masters of Horror: Something by Joe Hill. Again, not sure what. We'll see what the library has. 


20: Slasher Stories: Would a true crime novel count? Hmmm....


21: Cryptozoologist


22: Murder Most Foul


23: Cozy Mystery: 


24: Genre: Suspense


25: Spellbound


I ran out of steam. I'll come up with the rest later. Though, as usual, suggestions are welcome. :D 

Let's Get Spoopy!

My card is ready thanks to the fabulous Moonlight and I am ready! I'll post my plans in a bit. This game always serves as excellent motivation to actually read. 



Fellside - M.R. Carey



I remember someone (I THINK Char's Horror Corner but might be wrong) saying this book a ghost story but not horror and not really a ghost story either. To quote Crimson Peak, It's a story with ghosts in it. And that's a really accurate way to describe this book. 


I found Fellside to be a really beautiful story. There's no denying that Carey is wonderful when it comes to using language in a way that's fresh and emotion-provoking. There were so many places in this book where I had an emotional response simply because of how he phrased something. It's really incredible what he can do with words and language. The way all the plot points wove together in the end was also masterful and well thought out. 


The use of ghosts in this story is really beautiful. I mean, REALLY beautiful. There's a lot of imagination behind it and a truly comforting notion behind why they remain present and how they can help or hurt our lives. The way a certain ghost is able to remain with their certain loved on (no spoilers) was so sweet and left me ending the book feeling so warm and fuzzy. The ghosts felt more human than the living, which I think is an interesting concept. 


The biggest drawback to this novel is I feel it lacks the tension to keep picking it up, if that makes sense. When I was reading it, I devoured it, but it wasn't hard to put down and I wouldn't feel too motivated to start reading again. It wasn't that I didn't want to know what happened next, it just didn't have any hooks in me. Not the worst thing in the world but something that I do consider a drawback.


Final rating: 4 out of 5. Not necessarily a gripping novel but it will tug at your heartstrings and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy when you're done. 


Next up: Gotta finish In Cold Blood, AND I managed to get ahold of I'll Be Gone in the Dark from the Library. Exciting times!

Down in the Deep

The Deep - Nick Cutter

Finished it, loved it. Cutter is an incredible writer and I encourage every horror lover to read his stuff. I did like The Troop better, but The Deep is an incredible and gut wrenching story.


I might write a longer review later but here’s the short and sweet: The scares are awesome. This book is a really amazing example of Cosmic Horror. If you love Lovecraftian stories, this one is for you. It’s a slow burn but it’s worth it. I loved Luke as a protagonist. The big weakness for me is I do think the story got a little out of hand towards the end. I think it got just a bit too complicated. Still, loved it.


Final rating: 4.5 out of 5. Fuck the ocean.

Reading progress update: I've read 250 out of 352 pages.

The Deep - Nick Cutter

I’m not crying over LB, you are! I just have something in my eye....

Reading progress update: I've read 100 out of 384 pages.

The Hunger - Alma Katsu

So far this is really good! I'm digging the mix of historical accuracy and horror. 

Reading progress update: I've read 68 out of 352 pages.

— feeling cry
The Deep - Nick Cutter

I'm not crying over the Fig Men, YOU'RE crying! 

The Hunger - Alma Katsu

There's something about the Donnor party that fascinates me, so I'm excited to listen to this one. Only about 2 chapters in but I've got it for a few weeks. Bless overdrive. 

The Black Painting

So I looked all over on BookLikes for this one and can't find it. So I'll link the Goodreads page if anyone is interested in finding it. 


I listened to this one via audiobook on Overdrive. The Black Painting by Neil Olson follows a wealthy and dysfunctional family in the wake of the death of the grandfather and head of the family. Was it just a heart attack that killed ol' pop pop? Who stole his apparently haunted Goya painting and is there a demon making the family a hot mess?


I really enjoyed this one. It was very gripping and it was difficult to stop listening. Olson does a good job of keeping the plot moving and creating the interesting twists and turns. The characters were also all interesting. I can't say there's one I didn't like as a character, though many were awful human beings. It's also a good example of an unreliable narrator, though I won't say which narrator was the unreliable one. 


The big issue with this book is it was incredibly predictable, at least for me. I figured out pretty much every twist/aspect of the mystery early on in the novel. I don't know if that's me being perceptive or if it's just obvious. He still does a good job of connecting the dots, Olson just makes the final picture kind of obvious. 


Final rating: 4 out of 5. Predictable but engaging just the same. 

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34888106-the-black-painting

Reading progress update: I've read 20 out of 352 pages.

The Deep - Nick Cutter

Yeah, this is awesome and super creepy so far. I'm loving it!

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Bees

Dreamfall - Amy Plum

Just kidding. There are no bees in this story. But I love that weird joke. Anyway, finished this one last night, just forgot to review it. 


Dreamfall is summed up as Inception meets Nightmare on Elm Street. How on earth was I supposed to refuse that? Seven teenagers are offered the chance of a lifetime: To be able to sleep again. All chronic insomniacs for one reason or another, they agree to participate in a highly experimental trial that'll help them sleep again. Of course, something goes wrong, and the seven find themselves in a shared dream world where their nightmares come to life. And, much like in the case of Mr. Kreuger, if you die in the dream...Well, you know how it goes. 


I really enjoyed this one. Plum has an incredible talent for building suspense and tension. There were so many points in the story where I wanted to stop listening but couldn't because I HAD to know what happened next. There was some awkward sitting in the car moments. The characters all felt fairly solid. Nothing spectacular but I liked them well enough. Ant was my favorite. Just adorable. 


The biggest drawback to the story is it's kind of predictable. I knew there was something up with George from the moment she was introduced (I think the prologue pretty much gives her deal away), knew something would be up with Sinclaire, etc. It wasn't horribly predictive, just enough that I couldn't help but roll my eyes. 


The other drawback is the writing can be a little amateurish at times. The character names, some of the dialogue, etc. It wasn't horrible and it might only irk me because I'm not in high school anymore, but there were times where it felt like it was written by a high schooler. A talented high schooler, but one none the less. 


Final rating: 3.5 out of 5. Very enjoyable and suspenseful and I plan on checking out Neverwake when it's released. 

Dreamfall - Amy Plum

Listening to this one on Overdrive. I’ve fallen back into such bad reading habits that I figure audiobooks are a must if I want to reach my reading goal. Plus it makes for a good time at work and the commute.

The Want-Ad Killer

The Want-Ad Killer (True Crime) - Ann Rule

As far as true crime goes, this is a great one. I really enjoy how in-depth Ann Rule goes into the cases she decides to cover. This was a fascinating and INCREDIBLY frustrating case. At so many points I wanted to throttle someone because the detectives were SO close to solving the case but lacked that one key clue to do so. 


In particular, I love how much detail Rule gives about the victims in the cases. When the story is done, I remember them just as much as the killer she covers, which is important. You finish the story knowing who these people were and why it's important they get justice and recognition. 


The biggest con I have about this book is I felt too much time was spent on Kathy Miller's death and story. Perhaps it's because that case never got full closure, which I can understand, but I did wonder if this guy had any other victims or if she was the only one. It's a tough call. 


Final rating: 4 out of 5. Highly recommend. 

Reading progress update: I've read 250 out of 304 pages.

The Want-Ad Killer (True Crime) - Ann Rule

Okay, technically I'm listening to the audiobook, but still counts. This case is so twisted, I'm loving it. 

Reading progress update: I've read 96 out of 485 pages.

Fellside - M.R. Carey

Fun fact: Pandora makes a lovely reading buddy.

Permanent Reading Buddies

Everyone, say hello to my new reading buddies, Dipper (right) and Pandora (left)! 


I adopted them on Wednesday and they've made themselves right at home. Pandora is super cuddly and Dipper can be, though he's a bit more aloof. I love them so much. I think they'll be good reading buddies.