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In cold blood: a true account of a multiple murder and its consequences
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Reading progress update: I've read 50%.

In cold blood: a true account of a multiple murder and its consequences - Truman Capote

The goal: Get this done by the end of the month!

That’s Bad Luck

The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side - Agatha Christie

I‘m super tired from last night so no big review for this one. I enjoyed it but it’s not my favorite Christie. It had a pace that felt like it was dragging for me. Still, the resolution to the mystery made sense and it was a fun read. I recommend it if you’re looking for a fun mystery to read.


Final rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Reading progress update: I've read 201 out of 351 pages.

The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side - Agatha Christie

So close to being done! I got a spa tray to put on my tub that comes with a book holder so maybe some nice soaks are in order. All in the name of reading, of course. :D

Reading progress update: I've read 116 out of 351 pages.

The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side - Agatha Christie

The goal is to finish this before New Years. Can it be done? Probably. Will it? That's the challenge. 

Coldbrook: DNF

Coldbrook - Tim Lebbon

Yeah, I'm calling it quits on this one. It's not a BAD book, I just honestly have no desire to keep reading it. Like I said, it was probably a mistake to go for a zombie book. Maybe one day I'll return to it but there are books I'd rather read right now. 

Reading progress update: I've read 148 out of 656 pages.

Coldbrook - Tim Lebbon

Making my way through this one, slowly but surely. I think the mistake I made was choosing a zombie novel. Not that those are bad, just not my favorite these days. The writing is good though, so we’ll see.

They released the trailer for Bird Box today. It looks like they’re straying from the book quite a bit. I think they’re trying to hard to make it the next A Quiet Place, since the creatures seem more aggressive in the trailer than they were in the book. It looks good though and I’ll definitely watch it when it comes out.


What do you all think?

The Chalk Man

The Chalk Man - C.J. Tudor

Funny story: My loan LITERALLY expired when I only had 13 minutes left. Luckily, I was able to recheck it out immediately and finish it. That's the only downside to Overdrive: Very strict loan periods. 


Overall, I liked this one quite a bit. Tudor is a good writer and the plot was engaging enough that I wanted to keep listening and finish the story. The crafting of the mystery was the strongest element. When everything wrapped together in the end, I was impressed. For the most part, no detail went unused but nothing felt like a copout either. The story built up well and for the most part, had a satisfying conclusion. 


Really there's nothing that makes me go "BAD WRITING, MINUS STAR"! I just found the story a little average. Enjoyable, well written, just not spectacular. The story also felt long at points, like I just wanted to get through the section so I could find out what was actually happening. I was also disappointed when I found out the secret of the Chalk Men. 


There is none. Everything has a rational explanation.

(show spoiler)


I did like Chloe though. She was a fun character. I wish she had a bigger role. 


Final rating: 4 out of 5 Stars. 


Reading progress update: I've read 88%.

The Chalk Man - C.J. Tudor

Gonna try and finish this tomorrow,  in part because it's due in two days. For now, Dipper has "lost" his toy and I need to "find" it. (It's under the couch)

"Bossy women seldom get themselves murdered."

- Agatha Christie


 I vote we start saying this instead of “Well behaved women rarely make history”. This version’s funner.

Hill House Series

I was wrong, it's a series and not a movie. Still. Started watching and I'm really impressed. I won't claim to be an expert, but I think they've done a great job capturing the spirit of Jackson's style of horror. It's a reimagining more than a retelling, but a very good one at that. 


I love all the characters but I think Theo might be my favorite. 


Also, spoilers:

Kittens die in episode 2. As someone who hates seeing animal deaths in shows, I feel it's important to warn others. 

(show spoiler)

Reading progress update: I've read 30%.

The Chalk Man - C.J. Tudor

This kind of reminds me of It. Similar set up, what with the group of friends and the switch between past and present. Tudor’s writing style reminds me a bit of what I’ve read of Joe Hill.

Reading progress update: I've read 20 out of 351 pages.

The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side - Agatha Christie

I've had this on my shelf since December 2012, if you can believe it. Figure now's a good time to read it. It's funny to read Miss Marple complain about the youth and those newfangled Super Markets. Just shows some things truly never change. 

Bingo Update



Read AND Called:

- A Grimm Tale

- Modern Masters of Horror

- Supernatural

- Terrifying Women

- New Release


Read Not Called:

- Fear the Drowning Deep


Called Not Read: 

- Cozy Mystery

- Classic Horror

- Cryptozoology

- Free Space

- Ghost Stories

- Diverse Voices

- Creepy Carnivals

- Amateur Sleuth

- Murder Most Foul

- Genre: Suspense

- 13

- Terror in a Small Town (need to add a mustache)

The Cabin at the End of the World

The Cabin at the End of the World - Paul Tremblay

Oh. My god. This book is amazing and heartbreaking and horrifying all at once. I love it. I really do.


So, to start, I read most of this at work and I feel it's important to say that I don't make a habit out of reading at work. It's been an oddly slow week though and so the book is a good option of keeping myself entertained. I definitely chose a good book for that.


Tremblay has a way with words that is just incredible. Like, this is one of the few books I read and really consider art, an example of why good writing is a craft. Everything was so well formulated and put together it's insane. I wish this book was out when I was in college because I could spend HOURS dissecting every little detail, exploring every little theory. 


The greatest triumph to this book is the emotional investment it gets from me as a reader. I had the heebie jeebies at the end of chapter one, just from the way he describes the approach of the strangers. I felt that uncomfortable horror all throughout the book, and in many ways, this is a scary book. It preys on the kind of horror that really keeps me awake at night. 


But it has its humor and lighter moments and all the characters are incredible. Wen, of course, is amazing but I think Sabrina was my favorite after I read the chapter from her perspective. That chapter was chilling and I have goosebumps just thinking about it. 


Really, much like Bird Box, my only complaint about the book is that it had to end and that it ended without much explanation. Was the group right or were they manipulated? Is the world really going to end? What was the figure of light and what was controlling the strangers? That's part of what makes this book scary, the lack of answers at the end, but that's also what makes this book specifically a horror novel. I still wish it was more definitive, but at the same time I wouldn't change a thing.


Final rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I'm emotionally spent and gonna go cry in a corner for a few minutes. All good things, of course.


Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 270 pages.

The Cabin at the End of the World - Paul Tremblay

This thought hit me on my lunch break:

Redmond: War

Adrian: Famine

Sabrina: Pestulance 

Leonard: Death


I figured they were the Four Horsemen early on (Or Four Archangels, or both) but it just hit me which was which. Come and see, as the first section says.


The question is, how is this gonna effect the final resolution? Is Wen Jesus? I can see it.

(show spoiler)