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Rebecca - Part 2/???

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier, Sally Beauman

I'm about 2/3s of the way through the book and let me say, things picked up fast. I know my complaint about the first third was how slow it was going but in this section that is not the case. There was less description, more action, and more dialogue. Overall the plot just gained more momentum. Around chapter 13 things sped up to the point where it was difficult to put the book down because I wanted to know what happened next. So if you can push through til that point, you definitely will be rewarded. 


Here's what I know so far. 


Something's going on with Ms. Danvers. In fact, she's down right creepy. I thought at first she was going to be just your stern, Trunchbull-like character but instead she's turning into something like Frau Blucher. The scene where she shows the narrator Rebecca's old room made it difficult to breathe it was so intense. Her obsession with Rebecca is so sinister and I'm sure something bad is gonna happen because of it. I don't think she'll be behind the sinister twist that's probably coming up though. She feels like a Red Herring, someone who's supposed to look like the bad guy but really isn't. She'll cause trouble, I'm sure, just not that particular brand of trouble. So we'll see where her character goes. 


Favell is an interesting character as well. He too is probably up to something. I don't trust him, though that's probably because our narrator doesn't trust him. There's something going between him and Danvers, I'm just not sure what. I think my real question is why Max doesn't like him. I think the answer to that question will have a pretty strong influence on the direction the plot goes. 


Final thought: I don't believe Rebecca's dead. The description of the wreck and the recovered body seems to vague, like it could be anybody. What I don't know is what Rebecca and(?) Max would have to gain from faking her death. I'm also not sure if Max was in on it, since his depression afterwards seems too legit for him to be faking grief, but he id'd the body. How would he have known it was her if she was really that unrecognizable? And why did he insist to go alone? I guess I have no other choice but to finish the book. 


The plot is definitely thickening. Hopefully the next update will be when I finish it. Until then, we'll all be kept in suspense I suppose.