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Ten - Gretchen McNeil

I am not too optimistic about this one guys. 


Ten is supposed to be a modern retelling of And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, one of my absolute, all time favorite books. So of course I had to give it a try. I'm forty pages in and so far I'm pretty disappointed.


To start, I don't like any of the characters. Any of them. Usually by this point I have a character I like, at least one. But none of these characters are even remotely interesting to me. I think part of it is they feel too much like stereotypes: the prep, the introverted writer, etc. They have no personality and it's a miracle that I can tell one from the other. 


Despite being advertised as key to the plot, I have no idea why Minnie and Meg are friends. There's nothing about their interactions that indicates to me that they have something in common that would serve as a bond of friendship. Minnie just seems nasty and I can't figure out what Meg likes about her. I also hate that their names are so similar, not because I have something against best friends with similar names. My best friend and I actually have the same name, so clearly that's not the problem. The problem is because they have such a lack of personality, I can't keep them straight. I read something from Meg and for a minute think I'm reading about Minnie instead. If the book were in first person I think it would be a little better. Plus it'd probably give Meg a bit more personality. Coulda, shoulda, woulda I suppose. 


My biggest problem about this book is nothing about sucks me in. I have no problems with terrible books, as The Haunting of Sunshine Girl goes to show. But this book isn't just bad, it's boring. My laundry tumbling in the dryer was more interesting than the book. So that's an issue. 


I haven't given up on this book. Just be prepared for a low rating and a displeased review.