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The Devil's Only Friend (John Cleaver) - Dan Wells

So to start, just a quick update from my last post in case anyone was left in suspense. Sis is out of the hospital and is doing fine. She had orbital cellulitis and apparently her face is still a little weird and we'll be making Hunchback of Notre Dame jokes over Thanksgiving because that's what family does, but she's feeling much better. So that's a load off my shoulders. 


Now, onto the book. 


I LOVE this book. I had my doubts in the beginning and maybe even resisted at first but I have been won over a hundred times over. Wells is such a master of his craft and I can't get enough of his writing style. 


I absolutely adore what he's doing with the demons (They're not called that anymore but I like that term so I'm sticking with it). That's easily my favorite thing about this book and perhaps my favorite thing about the series as a whole. Hearing about all the different demons, their origins, the way they fit into ancient cultures is just so fascinating. I love mythology so the way Wells creates a mythology within his own world is just stunning. 


The plot is getting so intense and I'm having fun trying to solve the mystery. Wells mentioned at the book signing that he holds an auction and the winner gets to be killed in that book and choose how they are murdered. For this one, the winner said they didn't care how they died, they just wanted someone to say, "Well, you can't get much more murdered than that." So I'm REALLY excited to come across that line. 


This book alone is lifting any funk left over from last week. That's a good sign.