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Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings - Christopher Moore

Despite being exhausted from shoveling snow yesterday (I was able to get my car out today! Hooray!), I couldn't sleep last night. So I decided to read instead. It was both a good choice and a bad choice. Good because I am thoroughly enjoying this book. Bad because I didn't want to stop reading which then made the whole point of reading to fall asleep pointless. 


I mentioned in my last post about Fluke that the book was a little slow. That's not the case anymore. It was slow for about the first 50 pages or so, but once you get past that it REALLY picks up. I'd say the point in which I couldn't stop reading is when Clay got smacked by the whale. Then it was like, "Oh shit, what's gonna happen? I thought this book was supposed to be funny!" 


It is funny, for the record. Really funny. I was cringing so hard during the scene explaining Libby's lesbian awakening, but it was one of the funniest things I've ever had to picture. I like Moore's narrative style a lot. It's a dry kind of comedy I think, and I like it because that's one of my favorite types. The witty remarks he makes reminds me of the conversations my family has. It's like, "normal, normal, normal, Lauren just burned Joel and now Grandma is crying from laughter." So it's a familiar tone and I like how some of the funniest moments come out of nowhere.


The part where Nate gets eaten by the whale, my eyes bulged. That was a twist I never saw coming and I loved it. Then I absolutely died when whatever is in the whale's mouth started talking to him. If I wasn't half asleep when I read it, I would have lost it when Clay hears the voices in the hydrophone.


"There's someone outside, Captain."

"Does he have my sandwich with him?"




This book has me so confused but not in a bad way. I'm confused because the story is so bizarre, not because it doesn't make sense. It's a good kind of confused, the kind where you turn to the person next to you and laugh, "What the shit is going on?" I'm really looking forward to reading more. I might have this book finished this week, we'll see. 


Final note: I know a guy like Kona. Not the personality, necessarily, just the dreads and the weed usage. He was an interesting guy. Makes Kona more interesting to me to picture him playing him.