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A Christmas Miracle

Christmas is an interesting holiday for me these days. I enjoy it, it just doesn't really do much for me. It hasn't had that magical feel to it in a LONG time. Presents themselves have gotten boring, which I'm sure sounds super bratty. Christmas just has lost it's magic for me, which has always made me feel sad. 


So let me tell you what happened tonight. 


We went to Denver to spend Christmas Eve with my mom's family on Wednesday. When we left the house, our stockings were still hung up where they always are, which left me confused because usually my mom let's us open them before we travel. But I was like, whatever, we'll figure it out. 


Tonight we got back home. The drive took extra long because of really bad weather conditions. I didn't get much sleep last night so I was tired. Dinner with my dad's side of the family, who we saw on the way back, was stressful as it usually is. And my dogs are still with the pet sitter so we won't see them until tomorrow. So I was like, okay, we'll go home, open presents, then I'll go to bed feeling disappointed that the holiday just isn't the same as it used to be. 


We get home and start bringing stuff from the car into the house. My mom was busy outside bringing in the trashcan, so we were inside and running around the house before she had a chance to come in. My brother takes some stuff down to his room, then runs back upstairs. 


"Guys! Santa came!" 


My brother is 18 so I thought he was just being silly. But when I went downstairs, sure enough all of our stockings had moved by the tree, filled to the brim with presents and candy. We asked my mom when she possibly had time to do this and she just went, "I didn't, it was Santa."


By this point I'm feeling like a little kid again. Like, I'm a twenty-two year old who's ready to believe in Santa again. But then it got better. Then it truly became a Christmas miracle.



You see this mug? Yesterday we went to the mall to kill time before the party and we went into the Disney store, which the town I live in does not have. I see this mug for the first time yesterday, and tell my mom, "Wow, I really love this mug. Rapunzel is my favorite princess." It was a real quick note made right before we left the store and left the mall in general. 


It was in my stocking tonight. 


I started crying. I've rarely been so happy I've cried and tonight I was choked up and sniffling. I don't know how my mom did it. All I know is it was the best Christmas present I have ever gotten, and not just because it was something I wanted. For the first time in a long time, Christmas felt like magic again. I felt like the little kid who thought the red light outside the window was Rudolph and the stomping around upstairs was Santa. It still leaves me so happy I could cry.


Also, since this is a book blog, here's my haul. 



So yeah. It's been an amazing Christmas. I hope all of you had just as amazing holidays as well!