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The Taking - Dean Koontz

So, quick personal bit kind of related to the book. I just always feel like I need to explain, so I wanna explain. Over the past month my manager has become increasingly aggressive towards me. Well, the staff in general but it seems he especially likes to go after me. My already high anxiety is through the roof. Wednesday I sent a complaint to HR and they told me an investigation will be taking place next week. It's a scary situation. I don't know how this is gonna affect my job and I can't afford to leave it. It leaves my self-esteem extremely low and in general I just feel scared. 


Wow, Megan, that's REALLY personal. How on Earth does that relate to the book? 


I'm scared and I think that's exactly why this book is hitting the spot. Because now I can be scared of what's happening in it instead of my own life. 


Personal bit over. Thank you for putting up with it. 


The first part is kinda slow. Kinda left me disappointed. I expect more from Koontz. That said, I did read about a hundred pages in an hour and a half. It's that good, boys and girls. And it is scary. My heart started racing and now that it's dark I find myself a little uneasy. Which, that's exactly how I expect to feel when reading a horror novel. 


I find it kind of funny that Molly and Neil's first thought is, "ALIENS". Like, that just seems weird to me. I would think climate change or maybe some biblical apocalypse first. To each his own though. It probably is aliens and it has me delightfully scared.