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The Taking - Dean Koontz

"All your babies. All your babies will die."


Dolls have never really scared me. They creep me out from time to time, like in The Woman in Black and I can see why people are afraid of them. Hell, my two best friends are TERRIFIED of dolls. But they've never really scared me. 


This one did. Like, it seriously creeped me out. Maybe because I wasn't expecting it. I thought it was just a sad reminder that no one is spared from the apocalypse. Instead it turns out to be one of the creepiest tools of intimidation. So screw that doll. How dare you frighten me? 


I'm really excited to figure out the nature of the intruders. Like, what it is they want, what their plan is, etc. Maybe we won't be given any details. I hope we will though. My curiosity is killing me. Right now I'm picturing the aliens from Independence Day for some reason. Though with claws. I'm sure that's not what they'll look like in the end, though I guess I never know. I'll read more later, if I'm feeling up to it. For now I'm gonna watch Signs, because I'm in an alien mood and I don't have cable so I can't watch the Super Bowl.


Go Broncos!