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Charlene D'Avanzo

Shameless promotion here. Charlene D'Avanzo is a Clifi writer I recently was asked to manage to social media of. The publishers she publishes through, Torrey House Press, have been good to me throughout the years. Gave me an internship and their press manager gave me a ride after I wrecked my car. Super sweet people. D'Avanzo is super sweet as well. 


Anyway, so what is Clifi? Well, it's short for Climate Fiction and as you can guess, the genre has to do with the environment and the climate, mostly focusing on climate change. Torrey House is an environmental press so it's no wonder they picked up on her work. 


D'Avanzo's first book, which comes out in May, is a murder mystery set around oceanographers studying the sea's temperature. It's the first of her Mara Tusconi series and needless to say it looks like it will be awesome. 


So if you're looking for a good mystery and you also want to know more about climate change, look her up! Like I said, she's super sweet!