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Illuminae: The Audio Edition

Illuminae: The Illuminae Files, Book 1 - Olivia Taylor Dudley, Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman, Jonathan McClain, Listening Library, Lincoln Hoppe

Finished this tonight. Drove for an extra 10-20 minutes to do so, so sorry environment. I'll pay for it when the inversion makes me sick some winter. 


This is an AMAZING way to experience the book! Seriously, I thoroughly loved listening to this audiobook. Kinda want to start it all over again, though we'll have to see. It was well directed, had fun sound effects, and brought a new level of life to the novel. 


Also, it is REALLY fun to listen to the first battle against the Lincoln when you're driving through the desert. I'm not saying I pretended my car was a cyclone fighter, but...


The casting was very well done. I wish I had the full cast list so I could know exactly who did what. The background characters were definitely recycled, but they did a good job of making it hard to tell. I LOVED the actress who voiced Kady. Her voice it her perfectly. I thought Ezra's actor sounded a little old for the character but soon grew used to it. 


I both liked and disliked the choice for AIDAN. I'll start with why I disliked it: It was just a normal human voice. I feel like they really missed out on an opportunity to play with it, especially considering the creepy voice they used for the Illuminae Group/briefing notes. When he first started talking, I was a little let down. That said, the actor did a REALLY good job. He managed to keep his voice emotionless which really impressed me. When he added emotion, it was at all the right points. By the end of the tape, I was happy with the acting on his part. 


One I liked about listening to the story is it helped me realize why I didn't like Kady as much when I read it. She is very closed off, and as a result I struggle to connect to her. I also realized she does have an "I know best" kind of attitude, and I tend to clash with people like that. My brother's like that and while I love him, we fight a lot as a result. But I hadn't realized that before. I just knew I didn't care for her as much as others, and it always bugs me when I can't quite figure out why. Hearing a voice to pair with the words helped it all click, which was a relief. It also makes me excited to see how she develops in Gemina, which I am now doubly excited for. 


As was mentioned in the comments of my last post about the audiobook, you do lose something from the novel due to it being impossible to translate the images and the print decisions to audio. You don't get to see the blood on the Phobos reports, you can't see Ezra's rose, and you miss out in general on the truly stunning design choices of the book. That all said, I think I prefer the audiobook to a visual adaptation. If they're to make a movie (which I think they are), they'll be showing all the events but they won't be showing the cool stylistic choices either. Also, I think this book works so well in engaging the reader because it's telling you so much that you can't see. You can't see what Phobos does to people, but you hear the transcripts of what the Afflicted say, and to me that's much more frightening than actually seeing it. The humor works in a really similar way, such as the "Look at it wiggle!" line. So if I had to choose between movie or audiobook, I'd go for the audiobook. But I'd totally see the movie too. Just saying. 


If you disagree, feel free to mention and we can discuss. Maybe there's something I'm not thinking of. 


I'd recommend listening to the audio while you read the book. I think that'd be an incredibly fun experience, and it would allow you to take in the amazing visuals. Perhaps I'll try that if I have the time. 


Rating: 5/5 Definitely recommend. Listen to this one if you love the book or don't have time to read the book or just want to pretend you're a cyclone fighter on a long, boring drive. 


Final thought: I love AIDAN. So, so much. I shouldn't have this many emotions over an AI. But I love AIDAN.