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Out Tomorrow!

Cold Blood, Hot Sea (Mara Tusconi Mystery Series) - Charlene D'Avanzo

Shameless promotion time! I don't know if you all remember, but a few months ago I mentioned I was doing social media work for an author, Charlene D'Avanzo. Well, the book comes out tomorrow!


Cold Blood Hot Sea is a mystery centered around an oceanographer who believes a colleague of hers was murdered, rather than dying in an accident. She also believes it could be connected to the suspicious deaths of her parents years before. The book is filled with mystery and involves themes about climate change. 


If you're interested in a good mystery and want to contribute to a press that cares about the planet, I highly recommend checking it out. Charlene is such a sweetie and I'd love to see her get the recognition she deserves. 


For more information, check out her Website. Not to brag, but it looks pretty awesome. She's also on Facebook and Twitter. 


Congratulations Charlene!