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Just Gotta Rant for a Second (16 pages in)

The Awakening of Sunshine Girl - Paige McKenzie, Alyssa B. Sheinmel

I'll try to keep my comments saved up for my final review but I have to get this one off my chest because it REALLY bugs me. 


Did the writer do ANY research on what a heart attack looks like? I don't think she did. 


Maybe I missed something, but there was no evidence to suggest Sunshine's heart had stopped until her mom started doing CPR. At which point I was like, Why the hell are you doing CPR? She's just cold!


Heart attacks hurt. They are painful. Yet Sunshine didn't have the pain in her arms, back, jaw, she didn't have the nausea or the chest pains. All she felt was cold. So for her heart suddenly to be failing was confusing and felt like it was thrown in for the sake of drama. 


Additionally, CPR isn't pretty. I work with kids so I've had to take two CPR classes over the last couple of years. In the first one, we had a seasoned EMT teach us and he was very blunt with us. If you're doing CPR correctly, there's a good chance you will break the person's ribs. And her mom is a nurse, so you'd think she'd know how to do CPR. Yet it played out more like what you see on TV, all the way through when the doctors were taking her in. If I had to guess, I'd think that's the only place the writer looked to research for this part of the book, if she researched at all.


This all might seem nitpicky, but as someone who has lost their dad to a heart attack and who is genetically at risk for heart disease as well, I don't like seeing such a serious thing misrepresented for the sake of drama.