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Still Here

In case you're wondering, I'm still here. Life got busy around Halloween and I haven't done much reading. Plus The Hatching has kind of reached a slow point for me. I will finish it, it's just taking longer than I thought it would.


Some good reasons why I've been behind though: 

- My cousin and his girlfriend had a baby this week! And let me tell you, she is the cutest baby cousin ever!

- My other cousin and his fiance are also having a baby and the shower is this weekend. 

- Went to Salt Lake for my best friend's birthday. Had a blast dressed as Catwoman!

- Nanowrimo! Woo!

- I'm back in the dating game. Apparently there's something about me that attracts fantasy fans. 


So hopefully I'll have a spider related update soon. Just thought I'd let you all know I didn't get KO'd or anything.