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A Monster Calls

We just got back from seeing A Monster Calls. Mom and I have read the book, my brother and sister had not. We all LOVED it.


Seriously, it was absolutely incredible. I was bawling by the end with no shame. So was a lot of the movie theatre. Possibly my brother but I couldn't tell. 


Really, it was one of the best adaptations of a book I have ever seen. About 90% of the book was there, word for word. There were a few differences and they added some new material but overall it was the book I love brought to the screen. The stuff the added was also incredible and fit in wonderfully with the story and enhanced it. The acting was all flawless. I was especially impressed with the young actor who played Connor. He did amazingly.


If you love the book, I really think you'll enjoy the movie. Just bring some tissues. I didn't have any and now my hoodie is all gross.