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Have the Llamas Stopped Screaming, Clarice?

The Silence of the Llamas - Anne Canadeo

As previously stated, I'm a sucker for a good pun. So how the hell was I supposed to resist this title? I do have a killer headache so this review will be kept short and sweet. 


In The Silence of the Llamas, the Black Sheep Knitting crew come together to help a friend when her farm is being vandalized and her llamas harassed. Turns out the neighbors aren't big fans of the new llama yarn farm and there are land disputes to boot. Just when things can't get any worse, a murder occurs and the crews' friend's husband is the prime suspect! It's up to the squad and the llamas to discover the truth and clear the innocent's name.


This was a light read. I did have a hard time taking it seriously because of the llama aspect but that's literally just a personal issue. In some ways it made it more fun. The characters were likable. In particular I was a fan of Lucy and am very curious as to whether she'll ever finish the Argyle sweater for her boyfriend. The story was enjoyable and it was a fairly quick read for me. I enjoyed it, it took me away for a few hours, and that's what a book is supposed to do, right?


As a mystery, though, it falls short. More of the plot was about personal drama and just the characters chatting over knitting rather than crime solving. While there were enough clues that I was able to solve it all by the end, there weren't really that many, which bothered me. It seemed more like a drama or a chance to talk about issues like organic fibers and open space laws than a mystery. To top it all off, the big AHA! moment was very underwhelming and felt like a copout. 


So overall all, it was okay. Kinda failed as a mystery but if you want a light, mystery infused novel full of llamas to take you away, you'll enjoy it. 


Final rating: 3 out of 5 stars.


Now I am off to sip tea and wear my pa-llamas (they have llamas on them).