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Over the River and Through the Woods

Through the Woods - Emily Carroll

This book has been on my TBR list for a while but I didn't realize exactly what it was when I added it. I thought it was a collection of short stories involving spooky stuff in in the woods. I did not realize it was a collection of stories by the same lady who did His Face All Red. That discovery when I found it in the return bin at the library instantly made it a must read for me. 


Through the Woods is a collection of short stories told in graphic novel form. All have some connection to the woods and are  horror/supernatural related. Emily Carroll is perhaps best known for His Face All Red, one of my all time favorite webcomics, and so each of the stories are told in similar styles with similarly creepy twists and ends.


I LOVED this book. I plan on going out and buying it ASAP, especially since today was pay day. Her comics are so good, such creepy yet beautiful fairy tale-like stories. Her style is amazing. It really is. So, here's a play by play of the different stories:


An Introduction:  4/5. It's an intro, but it's a very well told intro. Creepy but an excellent set up.


Our Neighbor's House: 5/5. Amazing. Just amazing. The end left me going, "What?!" in the best way possible. I reread it a couple of times just to make sure I loved it. It was creepy and sad and just amazing.


A Lady's Hands Are Cold: 4.5/5. A little predictable but I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of a cross between Bluebeard and the Juniper Tree, which are both bizarre but fun fairy tales. 


His Face All Red: 5/5. As I've already said, I love this one. It's really good and inspired one of the stories I'm working on now. 


My Friend Janna: 4/5. A little slow in the buildup but it was all worth it. I think I'd like to reread it because I'm sure there was stuff I missed upon the initial read. 


The Nesting Place: 5/5. I legit went "Oh Jesus" when the twist was revealed. It was creepy and unexpected. The story was sad and sweet and the ending made me cringe. 


In Conclusion: 5/5. Seen this one before. I love it. Such a creepy ending and such an amazing way to end this book. 


Final rating: 5/5. Love this book, love her comics, definitely recommend.