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An out of practice reader discussing the books I get around to reading. 

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The Tux Kitties

I'm about halfway done with Ararat, so I figured I'd celebrate with pics of the fosters we got a few weeks ago I mentioned. No pics of Betty and Stratos since they're a little harder to get good ones of. Hopefully soon. 


This is Orko. He's kind of an ass but he's friendly at the same time. 



This one is Skeletor. He's a ridiculous cuddle bug and likes to sit on your shoulders and nuzzle your face. You can't tell in this picture, but he's very unusual looking. Like, he's built like a Sphinx. 



Last but not least, Teela. She's my mom's favorite, in part 'cause she looks like a foster we had a few years ago. She's also very sweet.