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Annihilation - Jeff VanderMeer

Yeah, this was a weird one. Don't even know how to sum it up. But I wanted to read it because I've seen it around the library quite a bit and am very excited for the movie coming out since it looks awesome. Just so y'all now, I think the movie is gonna be really different from the book.


I enjoyed this book, though it's definitely a slow burn and not what I expected. It was hard to get into in the beginning and it's definitely a dense book. There were quite a few points where I got lost in the text and not necessarily in a good way. But the more I read, the more into the story I became and in the end, I think I'd read it again if only because it's so deep. 


One thing I'll say of the book that I think is important, I wouldn't call it a horror novel. I've seen a few reviewers explain it as a "scifi horror" or "scifi thriller", but really it's just scifi. There are creepy parts in it, to be sure, but that creepy factor isn't present enough for me to consider it a member of the horror genre. The movie might be, but the book is not. 


Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars. It's basically a really intense and strange episode of Planet Earth. Imagine Morgan Freeman narrating it.