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Sweet Dreams Are Made of Bees

Dreamfall - Amy Plum

Just kidding. There are no bees in this story. But I love that weird joke. Anyway, finished this one last night, just forgot to review it. 


Dreamfall is summed up as Inception meets Nightmare on Elm Street. How on earth was I supposed to refuse that? Seven teenagers are offered the chance of a lifetime: To be able to sleep again. All chronic insomniacs for one reason or another, they agree to participate in a highly experimental trial that'll help them sleep again. Of course, something goes wrong, and the seven find themselves in a shared dream world where their nightmares come to life. And, much like in the case of Mr. Kreuger, if you die in the dream...Well, you know how it goes. 


I really enjoyed this one. Plum has an incredible talent for building suspense and tension. There were so many points in the story where I wanted to stop listening but couldn't because I HAD to know what happened next. There was some awkward sitting in the car moments. The characters all felt fairly solid. Nothing spectacular but I liked them well enough. Ant was my favorite. Just adorable. 


The biggest drawback to the story is it's kind of predictable. I knew there was something up with George from the moment she was introduced (I think the prologue pretty much gives her deal away), knew something would be up with Sinclaire, etc. It wasn't horribly predictive, just enough that I couldn't help but roll my eyes. 


The other drawback is the writing can be a little amateurish at times. The character names, some of the dialogue, etc. It wasn't horrible and it might only irk me because I'm not in high school anymore, but there were times where it felt like it was written by a high schooler. A talented high schooler, but one none the less. 


Final rating: 3.5 out of 5. Very enjoyable and suspenseful and I plan on checking out Neverwake when it's released.