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The Hunger - Alma Katsu

On my phone, so forgive any errors.


I enjoyed this one a lot! I love the take on the Donner Party Katsu took and the fact she wrote a story around them at all. I haven’t seen a ton of horror centered around the party, which is really surprising when you think about it. She took an interesting take on all the members of the party and they felt so real I could imagine them being exactly as they wrote them. The scares and tension were also great with good tension building up. I really liked the incorporation of the concept of disease and the way she wrapped everything up in the end. 


As far as critiques, the pacing was a little slow. It could also be difficult to keep track of characters since there were a LOT. More for me, I wish she had delved into the nature of the creatures and the hunger more.


Essentially, it boiled down to “the white man brought disease which made the monsters”. But there was something undeniably supernatural about them - one has its jaw shot off and it still kicked - so to reduce it to just a disease was unsatisfying. I did like that the Germans brought it over, since that drew a connection in my mind to werewolves, but she didn’t explore much of that either. Finally, I think she missed a huge opportunity for horror in regards to the nature of the condition and the myth of the Wendigo. From what I’ve heard, some versions of the Wendigo myth come from the theory that cannibalism is what creates a new one. So for the party, that creates a horrible choice: die of starvation or become the monster. I suppose that could maybe be implied in the end, that many of them are infected, but she didn’t lead for that avenue. 

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Overall, just some opportunities missed. It was a great read though and I recommend it.


Final rating: 4 out of 5