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House of Small Shadows

House of Small Shadows - Adam Nevill

Again, on my phone. Wooo slow days at work!


I found The House of Small Shadows to be a really beautiful story. I adored Catherine and really related to a lot of her emotional struggles. There were some points when I had to stop reading because her emotional pain was far too similar to my own. Nevill does an amazing job of capturing emotions and the imagery in the book was really beautiful.


Think this book is a good example of a horror story that’s not about ghosts but has ghosts in it (if they are ghosts, anyway). The real horror of the story, to me anyway, is trauma. All the characters appear to have gone through it in some form or another and the ways those influence the story is what puts this book in the horror genre for me. Also if you’re creeped out by dolls, those would freak you out too.


The biggest critique I have about the book is the climax and resolution were really confusing to me. Like, I understand how we get to the final destination but there are many things left unanswered in the end that leave me dissatisfied. It could be I just missed them or maybe Nevill got too excited about the world he created that he didn’t realize elements of the story seemed out of place with confusing results. It’s hard to say. 


Final rating: 4 out of 5. Beautiful story overall. If you’re a fan of the movie The Orphanage, I do believe you’ll quite like this book.