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Fighting Dirty

Fighting Dirty (An Ultimate Novel) - Lori Foster

Took me the whole month, but I finally finished my buddy read for March. Southern Fried Reads chose this one and I'm glad she did. It was fabulous and it had a solid story. A ridiculous story but honestly a solid one. The mystery of how the bank robbery connects to Armie's past which connects to a near hit and miss for Rissy all built up well upon itself and led to a fabulous conclusion.


I have to say, Foster had some balls in this one regarding Armie's secret. When I got to it I was shocked she went with that angle, given it seems risky especially in this day and age, but she executed it well and it fit into Armie's character. Like, it actually connected to his behavior rather than being tossed in for shock value. So kudos to Foster for going as far as she did. It was a risk but it paid off. 


Final rating: 5 out of 5. Ridiculous but I love it, which is all I expect from a book. Also, the adult store scene was priceless.